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Favorite Colour 04/09/2011
My favorite coulour is  Blue why its very simple because is the colour of the sea and I love the sea and because its a very paintful colour and because its the colour of the sky.
This post is for Challenge 5 of 2011
...and also in blue!photo © 2009 Tambako The Jaguar | more info (via: Wylio)
Tokyo Blue Hourphoto © 2010 Agustin Rafael Reyes | more info (via: Wylio)
Because we need to have categories to find and organize each pst and is very important.
This post is for challenge 4 2011
Hola este dia les quiero mostrar el video mas impresionante un dia echo de vidrio es lo que abra en el futuro.
This post is for edublog challenge 3 on 2011
This year I participate in world math day I really like it and in world spelling day it was new for me and it was a very good experience competing against other people in other countries.
This is for the Challenge 3 of edublogs 2011
My Family Avatar 03/17/2011
This was for Challenge 2 in the march 2011
My Avatar 03/17/2011
I have just created my avatar it’s so cool
Why I am like that 
I love Judo also I love music I’m like that 
I love to make cartoons 
It’s so like me...
 and in that bag is my Computer I love technology.

This was for Challenge 2 in the march 2011

I was thinking why teachers and students are going to visit my blog mmm...

  • It has very interesting things
  • Have the actual things that happen in the technology world.
  • Ways to teach the students
  • Many jokes and videos

This post is for challenge 1 in the march 2011 Challenge
The new iOS for iPod Touch and for iPhone have arrived it’s the 4.3 the new things of this iOS is that you can have airplay so you can play movies and more things on your TV but you will need the Apple TV to connect and new things here is the link so you can see the new version and watch a video http://www.apple.com/ios/

??????? 02/14/2011
Yesterday a woman called Rocio came to visit us at school so she told as how the technology can help on the publication and she told us that many companies use technology to make publicity, interacting with people by publicity in the walls, communicate with the people or creative publicity that help the people be attracted.